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what’s new – Canopy version 4.1.0

Filtering Data

The filters have changed from being displayed in the header section of Canopy to being displayed in a popup modal.

New Filtering

To get to the filters now you must click the filter button in the header.

This pop-up window will allow you to add up to four filter options. When complete, click Save to return to the log with filtering on.

To see the exact filters enabled,
hover over the gray text labeled “Filtering on:”.

Expanding Container to Full Screen

The container expander logic has been changed slightly. In the previous version, the user hovered in the upper right corner of a container and clicked the expand icon. Then the user hovered in the upper right corner again and clicked the shrink icon.

In the new update, the user hovers over the top right corner and clicks the Focus Mode icon. This will expand the container to full screen.

To exit focus mode and return to the normal view, the user navigates to the top left of the container and clicks the “Back to Page” button.