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what’s new – Canopy version 4.0.26

User Preferences

The system now has the ability to allow the user to customize certain areas of the user interface.

Reorder Columns

By clicking on the column, the user can drag the column to another location. This new column location will be saved to the user preferences and will show the column in that location the next time the user accesses the page

Side Panel Widget

The widgets in the side panel are now collapsible. This allows users with smaller screens to save space. When clicking the expand or shrink icon in the top right corner of the widget it will either shrink or expand the widget. Clicking the icon will write it to user preferences. So if the widget is minimized and the user leaves the page the next time the user accesses the page the widget will show as minimized.

Information Panels

The Information panels in the sidebar now have the ability to be suppressed. Clicking the suppress checkbox at the bottom of the panel will cause the side panel to disappear. This will write it to user preferences and the next time the user accesses the page the Information panel will not be displayed.  (Note: Clicking the X icon in the top right of the panel does not write to user preferences. This will only temporarily close the panel. The next time the page is accessed the Information panel will be displayed again.)

Map Layers

Toggling the map layer visibility is now stored to user preferences. If the user changes the default visibility of a map layer (By toggling the eye icon in the layers widget) this choice will be remembered by the program and will be applied each time the user accesses the page again.