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what’s new – Canopy version 4.1.5

Canopy Support Requests The Canopy system has now integrated Zendesk’s Support ticket system. Users can submit help desk requests for issues using the Canopy system from within the application. Users…

what’s new – Canopy version 4.1.2

Report Exports and Report Engine The report engine has been updated in the latest version of Canopy. This update will speed up the creation of reports and allow them to…

what’s new – Canopy version 4.1.0

Filtering Data The filters have changed from being displayed in the header section of Canopy to being displayed in a popup modal. New Filtering To get to the filters now…

what’s new – Canopy version 4.0.26

User Preferences The system now has the ability to allow the user to customize certain areas of the user interface. Reorder Columns By clicking on the column, the user can…

what’s new – Canopy version 4.0.23

Toolbar Button The toolbar buttons have been moved from the sidebar panel to the bottom of the View/Edit modals and there is no longer an edit toggle. The system now…

what’s new – Canopy version 4.0.16

Security Update The security for the Canopy system has been update. The two main updates are limiting the number of login attempts and logging the user out after being idle.…

what’s new – Canopy version 4.0.15

View Background Data The attributes of the background data in the map view are now available to display. To view the data of a background feature, you need to click…

server update

New server implemented to enhance security and speed.

culvert management

New Process Management application for Culvert Management added to a la carte options.

zoning management

Added custom Zoning Management web map to a la carte web mapping selection.

reporting upgrade

Upgraded Project Planning report in Risk Management to included itemized construction cost estimate.