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why canopy

As a public agency or municipality, you are tasked with being a good steward of public dollars. You must also make regular, major infrastructure investments, often with limited information. To accomplish both, we believe you shouldn’t have to make decisions without data, but you also shouldn’t have to spend years building a perfect set of data to do so. The solution is canopy.

start making smarter decisions faster

canopy is a GIS and data management system that empowers public works professionals to improve their asset database, guide maintenance actions, and prioritize capital investments, all in an easy-to-use, web-based environment. Although there are other data management tools out there, we believe that a truly strong system must be flexible to provide knowledge that grows with you.

As a result, canopy can adapt to your needs, regardless of where you are starting within the asset management lifecycle, so you can begin making smarter decisions for the infrastructure you build and manage.

take an integrated approach to your assets

canopy also promotes the integration of all your asset types into a holistic system for evaluation and maintenance. While other tools focus on specific asset types, without the ability to consolidate by street segment or potential project limits, canopy allows you to avoid the potential pitfalls of this siloed decision-making. 

No longer do each each of your departments have to solely focus on the assets they maintain. With our tools, you can plan projects by integrating risk scores with planning-level construction cost estimates across all asset types. 

lines of service

who we are

CMT, a full-service consulting firm, grew canopy from 75 years of professional engineering and planning expertise. 
Our tools were developed by staff who have been dedicated to solving clients’ infrastructure challenges for decades.

tailored to serve you

Although canopy is tailored to the public works, transportation, aviation, and utility industries, our team can develop custom solutions to meet your needs. Ask for more information in your demo with our development team.

see what canopy can do for you

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