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knowledge that grows with you

A truly strong asset management system must be flexible to provide knowledge that grows with you, regardless of where you are beginning in the asset management lifecycle. canopy can both empower you to make smarter decisions for your infrastructure, through our macro-level risk management tools, and help your team work better and faster, via a growing ecosystem of a la carte workflow and data management solutions.

how canopy can elevate your organization


Having no set data model means more flexibility to work with what you have; leverage your data faster to get actionable insights in an intuitive, user-friendly, web-based environment.


Grow your knowledge base as you grow your data, and be empowered to prioritize your investments and make decisions for your infrastructure with ever-increasing confidence.


Designed by engineers for engineers, our tools are built to offer a holistic, long-term view of your assets, alongside automation of key public works functions, to ensure your investments last.



Although there are other data management tools out there, read about how canopy stands above the rest.

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Like our clients and their data needs, canopy is constantly growing. Check out our latest updates.

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"We are constantly struggling to justify our infrastructure projects with our council/residents. canopy provides the data to back up those decisions."
Staff Member
Missouri Municipality
"It’s great that we can manage multiple assets within canopy and streamline our field and office data management processes into one application."
County Engineer
Ohio County
"Your project budget process is exactly what we need. We waste way too much time when we are developing projects."
City Engineer
Illinois Municipality
"Being able to prioritize investments by risk and use the risk score to measure and report our progress is a game changer. Nobody else is providing these solutions."
Public Works Director
Illinois Municipality